Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wake me up...

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So good you smell...
So sweet yor skin,
So nice your touch...
But it's your eyes that kill me

I try to hold your hand
But I lose reality.
I try to kiss your lips,
But i lose my mind...

Every night i dream of you
The same dream, of me and you
Every day i think of you...
The same thought, of you and me

I start to love the way you twist me
I begin to think of you, on top of me...
Untill the morning comes..
And i wake up... still alone
And i realise...i'm at your feet

Though you are so far
I'd still crawl out of my castle
Only to climb into yours
Heck...i'd even rip my gates wide open
Just to welcome you in

I'd frame your smile
Next to that picture
Of your eyes, that hangs
On that wall in my mind

Still, i'm alone, though not lonely
And still, i keep on dreaming
I'd beg you if i could,
Come next to me!

I'ts painful to wake up
From the same dream every day
Please come next to me
I don't want to wake up from that dream

Of you and me...

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