Friday, January 22, 2010

SILENCE! I kill you! (old lady version)

The meaning of life

I have all the money i need...if i were to die tomorrow morning! so..i guess all that is left for me to figure out is...whether i want to be burried or cremated. Don't worry, like most of you, i also have plenty of reasons to go on with this blissful speck of an existance that we call "life" know, all those little things that make you go on and, job, girlfriend, the perspective of a better life, of a better future, dreams, hopes...all that shit that polutes your mind away from the soul meaning of existance!
Besides the fact that we eat, shit, fuck and die, we don't do anything productive at all... Sure we build machines, sure we develop industry, but at what cost? we ruin our world. don't get me wrong, i'm not a fucking environmentalist, i couldn't care less of this dying world, simply because i know we will long be dead before the planet.
My point is: i'm still trying to figure out the meaning of life, still trying to figure out why do we exist, why do we wake up every morning to contribute with another day to our lifes...
And than, i saw this video:

It kind of woke me up...Life is what you make of it? well...this is what i make of it!

Disturbed - Meaning of Life
Asculta mai multe audio Muzica

thank the gods of rock for what they have given us! without this music, i think i'd just vanish in a cloud of nothingness, boredom and lament...i'd have nothing to fuel my rage, my thoughts, my (in)sanity, MY LIFE!

I can feel the blood, flowing through my veins

Spilling on my soul

And now the hunger's getting bigger

Come a little closer now pretentious whore and pull my trigger

Free the violence that is building in me

I say now end of the ride, murder suicide

Is how I've been feelin' lately

Come a little closer my pretentious whore I'm living with a feeling that I can't ignore

Come a little closer my pretentious whore I'm living with a feeling that I can't ignore

Come a little closer my pretentious whore I'm living with a feeling that i can't ignore

And the need to get psycho is not a question to me

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

40 tips to life!

First of all, i think i must apollogize to the few readers that i might still have, for my absence...time is...short, so i'll try to keep writing once in a while.... about few tips towards making life...say...better, easier...whatever you like...

1. so...first of all...if you have problems waking up, or youre that heavy hang-over type of person, mix your coffee with vodca. it's a real buzz
2. during winter, put the toilet paper on the heater, before you wipe your ass.
3. don't drink and drive (i mean alcohol)  D.U.I sucks
4. never clean the top of your shoes on the back of your never know what you may find there
5. don't put your phone in your backpockets, you might sit on it...ooor even worse, you might shit on it!
6. don't ask a girl to tie your shoe will be awkward if you see her panty line and get a boner!
7. don't write your name on the inside of your undearwear..that's fucked up!
8. make the most out of your free time, get a fucking hobby, read books...
9. don't stab people in the back...the look on their faces is so much more worth the effort!
10. if you do stab people in the back...make sure they don't see you.
11. don't blame other people for your mistakes
12. don't add milk to your tea! totaly spoils the tea!
13. don't shit in public places, like fast-food restrooms, fancy restaurants bathrooms...
14. wiskey.
15. beer.
16. more beer!
17. cigarretes won't work when you are down.
18. sex will!
19. dont cheat on your girlfriends...
20. read no.19 again! the point about 19? no? read it again!
22. ladies...don't spit
23. mind your money...poor people might not be so poor as you might think
24. never hit a policeman
25. unless he's alone
26. stop thinking about size...there will always be someone who's dick is bigger, or smaller than yours :))
27. it might help to always have an extra t-shirt with you
28. in case someone vomits on your t-shirt
29. read no.19 again!
30. if you ever go to an urologist and he asks for a sperm sample, no matter how muck it hurts you, do it yourself! never let him help you!
31. never tell your best friend who you've been sleeping with!
32. never sleepwith your best matter if it's a he or a she...ok..if it's a she, it might work...but if if you are both not!
33. long distance relations don't work, period!
34. never question me! i am smarter! i am better, i am always right!
35. this should no be a guide to life!
36. but follow it step by step!
37. it's fun to drink and piss at the same time...without hands...master that and your friends will love you!
38. keg stands, never tried one.
39. reverse pull-ups, they really do wonders to your back
40. music! live your life on music. enjoy music. make it your god.

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