Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Zee comeback"

Every single fucking word we say, every single story we tell, every single point we make has two sides, or more, and that makes it debatable. And if something is debatable, than it is also doubtful...aaand questionable. My point is this: every thing we make, say, whatever, has the potential to be interpreted as a lie! (nice logic, huh?). What i am actually trying to do is invent an excuse for my very long absence. And i assume that by now any lost reader that might still remember the existance of this blog has no hope of finding anything interesting here anymore.

To be quite honest, i must say that i'm not even sure of my english's been that long.
I think i lost my interest in this. Writing doesn't appeal me that much anymore, probably because i have no ideea what to write about.

So, if there is anybody still out there, please give me a hand, invent a topic, give me a suggestion, an ideea, anything!

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